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Each pod contains 150mg of pure CBD isolate. Each pod produces approximately 300 puffs. Each puff contains .5mg of CBD. 20 puffs equals approximately 10 mg of CBD. A significant dosage. You should research the amount of CBD that is recommended for your particular usage.

How To Use Your New Vaporizer:

  1. Remove the silicon stick from the top of the pod, the e-liquid with then contact the ceramic coil.
  2. Wait 2 minutes before use to let the coil become fully primed.
  3. Place pod in vaporizer battery and simply pull air through the pod.


Charge the device by connecting it to the computer or wall adapter via the USB cable in the package. The indicator light will flash once then stay lit in White when charging. After fully charged, the light will blink 20 times then go out.

Properties and Protection:

Atomizer Protection:If continuously vaporizing over 10 seconds, The LED light will blink 2 times then automatically stop supplying power.

Short Circuit Protection:When a short circuit occurs, the light will stay on for 2 seconds.

Low Voltage Protection:When the battery voltage is less than 3.3V, the LED will flash 10 times and the device will stop power automatically.

Resistance Detection: When the load resistance is less than 1.2ohm, the LED will be on for 2 seconds and the device will cut off power immediately.

Usage and Storage

Do not expose the battery to extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight. Keep away from water or direct liquid contact. Do not put the device in your pocket or handbag directly; or mix it with coins, jewelry or other hard objects. The appropriate operating temperature is within 0 ̊C to 45 ̊C while charging and -10 ̊C to 60 ̊C while in use. Store at ambient temperature (5 ̊C to 30 ̊C) in a clean dry place.


At the end of the serviceable life, dispose the device including the battery in accordance with local waste disposal and recycling regulations with consideration to the environment.


  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. This device is not recommended for use by people under 18.
  3. This device is not recommended for use by pregnant or breast feeding women.
  4. This device is not for use by people who have respiratory disease or are sensitive to Propylene Glycol.


Soil Oil™ agrees to provide repair under warranty pursuant to the following terms and conditions. This warranty provides repair free of charge for defective merchandise only. Warranty period is 120 days from the date of purchase. This warranty may be voided as a result of the following conditions:

*Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to improper use or unauthorized modification of the unit. *Merchandise failure or damage as a result of excessive force such as tampering, dropping or water damage.

*Merchandise failure or damage as a result or usage outside of the recommended operating conditions. *Merchandise failure or damage caused by improper use of water or liquid.

*Merchandise failure or damage due to usage with 3rd party components such as (USB chargers, pods, eliquid, etc.)

*Warranty does not cover any non-Soil Oil items or consumable goods and attachments, including but not limited to: pods,atomizer head, wrapping, or eliquid.

We reserve the right of final decision in all warranty cases. We may interpret and revise the content of this warranty information at any given time.

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